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The Human Services Campus, Inc. owns, operates and collaborates with partner-tenants to provide complementary, holistic services, all located on our 13-acre campus. HSC, Inc. and Campus partner services include:


Brian Garcia Welcome Center : The Brian Garcia Welcome Center, operated by the HSC, Inc., is the lead access point to Coordinated Entry. We provide each client with diversion (initial short and long term housing plans to avoid the cycle of homelessness), assessment, resources, and service referrals with the primary goal of resolving homelessness through a client-centered approach. We connect clients to appropriate services that include: mental and physical health, substance abuse treatment, employment assistance, shelter, housing and more. Learn More…

Did you Know? In 2018, over 6,500 unduplicated individuals entered the Brian Garcia Welcome Center: the “front door” to the Campus

Physical, Mental, & Dental Heath

Brighter Way Dental Center: Brighter Way Institute works in collaborative and medically integrated environments to serve the needs of the most vulnerable populations, including veterans and homeless individuals. Services include everything from comprehensive exams and basic dental hygiene to dentures and implants.

Did you Know? Over 3,000 individuals received dental care valued at over 9.5 million dollars by professional volunteers in 2018

Circle the City: Circle the City operates Healthcare for the Homeless and provides primary care healthcare as well as medical respite in two newly renovated facilities on the Human Services Campus.

Did you Know? Forty to fifty individuals per day are provided primary healthcare on the Campus, and the 50-bed Respite Center provides healing for individuals discharged from hospitals to the Campus

Community Bridges, Inc.: (CBI) provides the following services for our Campus Clients: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services,
Housing Coordination and Connection, Community Integration, Navigation, Case Management, Crisis Medical Services, Crisis Transition Navigators, PATH Outreach, SOAR Services.

ELAINE: Elaine is Arizona’s first health navigation and transportation system for individuals experiencing homelessness

Homeless Court: The Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court in the HSC was established to resolve outstanding misdemeanor warrants for homeless individuals demonstrating a significant commitment to ending their homeless lifestyle. Individuals who owe fines for victimless crimes such as “camping” can use their time in transitional programs as community service in exchange for having their fines waived. Very often it is this burden that can keep an individual homeless. After their fines have been waived they can start fresh on their path to self-sufficiency.

Did you Know? 236 misdemeanors were resolved in 2018 for individuals who demonstrated a commitment to end their homelessness

Maricopa County Adult Probation: Probation officers spend time at the HSC in order to facilitate probationers remaining in compliance. Any individual who is on probation or who has questions about probation has easy access to the answers they need. Officers are not here to arrest people, but rather to help them move forward with their reintegration back into the community.


Homeless ID Project: Provides the critical replacement identification services to empower the homeless to rebuild their lives & end their homelessness. These services include acquiring: Arizona ID’s, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, social security cards & replacement legal immigration documents. Secondary forms of ID may include: W-2’s, school records, selective service enrollment, and legal records. Homeless ID Project also periodically provides hygiene kits, socks, reading glasses, and bibles. Homeless ID Project can also help with family reconnection and referrals made to other programs.

Did you Know? 15,000 I.D.’s were provided by Homeless I.D. Project over the past two years


Post Office: The HSC Post Office is the only Post Office in the U.S. designated for people experiencing homelessness. Having an actual address (rather than for “General Delivery”) is a significant and often crucial benefit in helping our clients to obtain employment and get into housing. 5,262 clients received their mail at the post office last year. In addition we provide fax & copying services. Our volunteers write cards and letters to ensure everyone will receive mail for those who do not have contact with family or friends.

Did you Know? Over 5,000 clients received their mail at the post office in 2018


St Joseph The Worker: Provides client services that fall into three main categories:

  • Job Readiness – Help to prepare a resume or job application, mock interviews, personal presentation and communication tips, how to effectively explain a criminal history or large gap in employment, and building confidence.
  • Job Search – Address and phone number for messages, internet access to job search and submit applications, clothing that is clean, neat and professional, basic hygiene items, and daily bus passes to ensure transportation to and from interviews.
  • Employment Support – Transportation assistance for clients once employed, financial assistance to pay for work uniforms or shoes, help to secure certain certifications or license fees, and assistance for individuals in low-income or part-time employment in locating a higher paying job.

St. Joseph the Worker recognizes that not everyone needs all services. Clients work closely with their Job Developer or Employment Specialist to determine what level of service is right for them. Services are available in the downtown Phoenix office, at satellite locations hosted by partner agencies, and on the Mobile Success Unit.

Did you Know? Over 3,000 individuals were employed last year with the assistance of St. Joseph the Worker


Catholic Charities Veteran’s Outreach Center: Nearly 10% of the individuals experiencing homelessness who arrive at the Human Services Campus are US Military Veterans. Catholic Charities engaged 2,340 individuals in 2018, with 289 of these engagements resulting connections to housing and related services.

Did you Know? 256 individuals received short-term rental assistance (Rapid Rehousing) and Housing Case Management in 2018

New Leaf Rapid Rehousing: New Leaf Rapid Rehousing is a short term rental assistance program and when combined with Housing Case Management, individuals are more likely to maintain their housing long term. The program assists individuals with locating affordable apartments, obtaining employment, connection with community resources and benefits, understanding their rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and so much more.


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul: One of the five St. Vincent de Paul Dining Rooms in the Valley is located at the Human Services Campus, in addition to one of their three Urban Farms (providing pesticide-free food for the meals).

Did you Know? Over 600 individuals are served breakfast and lunch every day of the year at the Campus


Central Arizona Shelter Servicse (CASS): CASS empowers individuals with diverse needs to end their homelessness by providing shelter and supportive services on the Campus.

Did you Know? In 2018, 4,738 unduplicated individuals received shelter services on the Campus

Other Services

AZ Department of Economic Security (DES): Over 700 individuals per month have applications processed at the Campus for food stamps and medical services (AHCCCS).

Chaplaincy for the Homeless: Over 1,700 individuals experiencing homelessness received worship and counseling services in 2018.

Store to Explore: provides clients a daily and weekly place to store their personal property while actively working to end their homelessness. Lockers are also available for rent.

The Phoenix Symphony: B-Sharp Music Wellness, a W.O.N.D.E.R. Project Homeless Initiative: A multi-faceted music wellness experience for the Campus and other healthcare and community facilities that serve the homeless, this unique initiative uses music as a catalyst for joy and self-expression for individuals who often feel powerless and marginalized.

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