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New: Go to the Welcome Center between 7:30-11am or 12:30-5pm.  Staff will either schedule an intake for CASS or guide you to where you need to go.

Returning: Line up outside of CASS at 3pm.  If you arrive after 5pm and CASS is full, go to the Overflow and tell staff you want to be on the CASS list.


Check-in begins at 7:30pm every night @ St. Vincent de Paul outside the 11th Ave. & Jackson entrance to campus.

Watkins (Women Only)

Call 602-252-3650 to see if they have available beds.  A shuttle picks women up on campus between 2:30-3:30pm.

***For a full list of shelters, see staff at HSC front desk or Welcome Center***

Veteran Resources

Mon, Wed, Fri: 8am – 3:30pm

Thursday: 8am- 2:30pm

Food Stamps & Health Insurance

Healthcare for the Homeless

Tues, Wed, Fri: 7am (First 10 people)



Mon-Fri: 7-8am @ St. Vincent de Paul
Sat: 7:30-8:30am @ Andre House
Sun: 7-8am @ Andre House


Every Day:11am-12:45pm @ St. Vincent de Paul


Sat-Thur:5:30-6:30pm @ Andre House
Fri:4-5pm @ St. Vincent de Paul


Mon-Thur: 1pm @ Andre House
Sat: 1pm @ Andre House
Mon-Fri: 9am-2:15pm @ St. Vincent de Pual (420 West Watkins)


Mon, Wed, Thur: 10am @ Andre House
Sat: 1pm @ Andre House
Mon-Fri: 9am-2:15pm @ St. Vincent de Pual (420 West Watkins)

Employment Services

St. Joseph the Worker (Need valid state ID)
Mon-Thur: 7;30am – 3pm
Fri:7:30am – 2:30pm
Info session Mon-Thur at 10am


Mon, Tues, Thur: 10am @ Andre House (First 10 people)

Sat: 12:50pm @ Andre House (First 5 people)


Mon-Fri 8-10:45am & 1-2:45pm

Mailing Addres:

232 S 12th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85007


Mon-Thur 10am-12pm & 1-3pm
Sat-Sun: 1-3pm
@ Andre House

Dental Clinic

By Appointment: 602-362-0744

Mon-Thur:8am-Noon & 1-4pm

Friday:8am -Noon

Medical Clinic

Healthcare for the Homeless

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 7am-4pm


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  1. Require Assistance? Visit our Find Help page for specific phone numbers and addresses.
  2. Want to Volunteer? Visit our Volunteer page or send questions via email to directly.
  3. Have a Media Request? Contact Amy Schwabenlender at or (602) 281-8628

All other questions can be submitted to Keys to Change using the form below or call (602) 282-0853 for assistance during business hours.

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