Monetary Donations

When you give to the HSC you are not just giving to an organization, you are INVESTING in your community and you become part of the solution. Each dollar donated returns nearly four dollars to Arizona by helping individuals transform their lives. Individuals who may have previously received government benefits gain employment, pay their own rent and taxes, and become dedicated community volunteers. By giving to the HSC you are helping people to remold their lives, reconnect with their strengths and gain the confidence to end their homelessness. Thank you for considering the HSC in your charitable giving.

The Impact of Your Donations……

What $20 Can Do?
What $20 Can Do?
Local transportation for four individuals to job interviews and medical appointments
What $50 Can Do?
What $50 Can Do?
assistance with housing application fees
What $150 Can Do?
What $150 Can Do?
help a person avoid homelessness altogether and enter safe housing
What $300 Can Do?
What $300 Can Do?
provides a basic needs move-in kit for an individual moving into their apartment

To Donate By Check

Please make checks payable to:
Lodestar Day Resource Center
Attention: Accounting
204 S. 12th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007

If you have questions about making a monetary donation, please contact us at:
or (602) 223- 3413.

Qualifying Charitable Organizations Tax Credit!

By making a donation to the Lodestar Day Resource Center, you will not only be helping those living in poverty, but you also may be able to obtain a dollar-for-dollar tax credit toward your Arizona state tax obligation. Single or head of household qualifiers may qualify for up to $400 and married couples filing jointly may qualify for a tax credit up to $800. Tax credits are available, based on your income tax filing status. HSC is not a tax advisor. As with any financial recommendation, contact a qualified tax professional for expert advice on your specific tax situation. For more information, contact the Arizona Department of Revenue at 602.255.3381 or

For a more complete explanation of the state tax credit, please click here to read more about it and to view the tax form you will need: AZ Tax Credit Information

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