New Brand

New Brand

We’re Changing Our Names.

Our mission, vision and commitment to those we serve and to ending homelessness remains steadfast.

Keys to Change Logo
Key Campus Logo

Beginning in 2024

Human Services Campus, Inc. will be Keys to Change

The Human Services Campus will be Key Campus

New Taglines

These simple phrases boldly reinforce our collaborative spirit and our ultimate goal.

Keys to Change + Tagline
Key Campus + Tagline

Why the Change?

The year-long process with a working group including an outside consultant, board and staff members, partners and clients explored a new name and brand identity that better reflected:

  • the energy and ambition of our goals
  • the breadth of services we provide both now and may in the future

We wanted new identities that captured:

  • our personality as a compassionate connector
  • our role as a strategic partner in a leadership role working to end homelessness

The Way Home

We also wanted to smooth over confusion caused by having the same name for the campus location and for the organization while ensuring a strong connection between the two.

The new name and tagline leverage the idea of our work as “key” and reinforce a frequently used phrase by our founder, Mike McQuaid: “the way home.”

In the Coming Months

In the coming months, our website and other materials will reflect these changes.

This has been a deeply creative and rewarding experience for all of us on the working committee and for the board of directors. We look forward to having you join us in our exciting next chapter.

Your Support Saves Lives.