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PHOENIX, Ariz. (April 23, 2019): Phoenix summers are hot and can be inhospitable to anyone
living in the Valley, but particularly for people who sleep on the street. In 2017, 35 percent of 132
recorded heat-related deaths were individuals experiencing homelessness.
To combat the challenge, the Human Services Campus (HSC) and on-campus partners St.
Joseph The Worker, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Circle the City, Central Arizona Shelter Services
(CASS), the Homeless I.D. Project, Brighter Way Institute, A New Leaf, Elaine Health Navigation and
Transportation for the Homeless and the Arizona Department of Economic Security have launched a
Weather Relief Drive to collect cases of bottled water and other necessary weather-related and hygiene
items, including dog shoes.
HSC, a 501c3 nonprofit agency, owns and operates a 13-acre campus at 12th Avenue and
Madison that is home to 20 nonprofit organizations providing services and resources to people
experiencing homelessness.
“Every day for a person experiencing homelessness is difficult. Summer heat makes it
exponentially worse,” said HSC Executive Director Amy Schwabenlender. “Given the available space to
provide shelter at the Human Services Campus, we have to look beyond our limited capabilities to
provide whatever help we can to men and women on the streets during the summer. This drive will
benefit all of our collaborating partners and our collective clients.”
Current permitting allows Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) to accommodate 425
individuals each night, but beds are generally always full and up to 450 people asking for a shelter bed
each month are turned away because there are not enough available.
During the summer months, campus partners can accommodate an additional 275 people nightly.
In addition to cases of bottled water, which can be scheduled for drop-off by calling (602) 282-
0849 or by emailing, other items being collected for the summer include:
• Summer Kits (sunscreen, hats, visors, sunglasses, Chapstick, aloe burn gel, reusable water
• White flat hotel-grade sheets (twin size preferred) and non-perishable snacks like granola bars,
trail mix or oatmeal.
Items needed all year long include:
• Basic hygiene kits (deodorant, soap, body wash, wash cloth)
• Dental hygiene kids (toothbrush, travel-size toothpaste, floss, alcohol-free mouthwash)
• Hair care kits (comb, brush, travel-size shampoo and conditioner)
• Cold and flu prevention kits (travel-size alcohol-free hand sanitizer, pocket-size tissues, nonmedicated cough drops
• Women’s and men’s cosmetic kits (travel-size lotion, razor, shave cream, Chapstick, Q-tips)
• First-Aid kits
• Nail Care kits (nail clippers and files, tweezers, toenail clippers)
• Undergarment kits (men’s and women’s underwear, disposable undergarments, sports bras,
sleeveless men’s undershirts in various sizes)
• Shoes and socks (new or gently used adult gym shoes and new white socks)
• Pet items (doggie treats, leashes, collars, flea/tick collars, harnesses, dog and cat food, dog
shoes, pet toys, water bowls)
• Backpack kits (backpacks, lanyards, ID badge holders, wallets
• Feminine hygiene kits (tampons, panty-liners, flushable wipes).
As part of the effort, Sundt Construction, Inc., in collaboration with St. Joseph the Worker, is
conducting a water drive with a goal to deliver up to 500,000 bottles of water to the campus on Friday,
May 17.
For more information, visit
ABOUT THE HUMAN SERVICES CAMPUS: Founded in 2005, the Human Services Campus is a
collaborative force of partner organizations united on one campus to end homelessness. Located just
west of downtown Phoenix, 20 independent agencies on the Campus see nearly 1,000 individuals every
day, offering a holistic range of client services including: reunification with family and friends; mental,
physical and dental health; shelter; employment; meals; legal services and housing. Having all of these
resources in one location with intra-agency communications makes it more feasible to provide a
customized engagement for each client to help end their homelessness. For more information, visit
• Steve Davis, Director of Development, 602-705-4719,
• Steve Carr, The Kur Carr Group, Inc., 602-317-3040,

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